Mar 9, 2021
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Does anyone know what the CIC phase of 4 PARA training consists of?

Sam W

Para Reg
Mar 26, 2021
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The course obviously evolves over time but essentially it is your phase two element as an infantry soldier. It’s either two or three weeks now, I can’t remember. @Paratrooper1 or @4 PARA HQ will know for sure. Expect a bit of a good natured thrashing from the screws in PARA Coy. They haven’t got long with you and they tend to like to introduce you to Para standards regular style. But it really is down to the training team at the time. Just be open to it and give it stacks. No mincing about, no dripping or moaning about anything, slick drills and work hard to show pride in the capbadge.
It is pretty much your core infantry shenanigans and the practical element of soldiering. The regs know their stuff and it’s vital you soak it all up. They want to see bags of enthusiasm. If you are über keen it can be enjoyable. We did two exercises just. This ranged from a single night in week one which focused on how to administer yourself in the field, right through to the final tac /test ex at the end of week two. You will cover individual skills and drills, how to operate as part of a Section and finally operating in the Platoon context. You should also get some range time and maybe battle PT.
Once your place on the course has been confirmed you will get joining instructions.