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Nov 16, 2020
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PARA Reg is one of the most competitive choices at Sandhurst and they rightfully only take high quality candidates.

As a leader in the Parachute Regiment you must have the intellectual capacity to plan operations under pressure and have the robust mental and physical capacity to see them through to successful conclusion. You should inspire confidence, whilst avoiding arrogance, and set yourself and your subordinates the exacting requirement needed to be the best.
Be aware that the Parachute Regimental board at RMAS will rightly only select the very best of an intake. Your performance at Sandhurst needs to be exceedingly high and you should aim to excel standards.

For some context- On this years (2020) Platoon Commanders Battle Course (PCBC)

Top student: Parachute Regiment.
Second Place: Parachute Regiment.
Third Place: Parachute Regiment.

An outstanding example of the quality of Officers that The Parachute Regiment has to lead their men. This, for me, speaks volumes!

Potential Officer Insight Courses

Potential Candidates should be advised that they must have attended an interview with an Army Careers Advisor (ACA) prior to booking onto a Potential Officers Course. We are very fortunate in that @Bobby_Bert is currently serving on the Army Officer recruitment team so hopefully we can provide more information on this. We are also awaiting a former PARA platoon commander to join us and assist with any questions you may have.

In the meantime please use this section to share experiences and ask questions. Knowledge is power.