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Jan 11, 2021
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I'm currently running about 4-5 times a week at the moment with the majority of those running out to 4-6 miles at an 8min/mile pace, included in that I'm doing 1 sprints session a week either on hills or flat depending on what I fancy. Should I stick with this or add an additional sprints session on-top of that because of the bleep test requiring shorter high-intensity running.

Also, would you recommend flat sprints or hill sprints if just doing 1 sprint session per week or could it be a good idea to alternate them bi-weekly?

Cheers lads.


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Jan 28, 2021
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Look up fintan circuit on the RM forum. You'll likely do circuits where you do an exercise while your partner does a lap or width of the pitch. Interval training would be a good start.

Intervalls will help with your vo2 and your 2k....
Do a 2k warm up and either 400m or 800m but these are more beneficial if you aim to get the same time every time rather than sprint full out. Should be roughly 15 secs quicker than your tempo pace per min mile. Build up to it and see where you stand.

Get one run a week where you're pushing your pace. Get it down to 7.45 per mile, then 7.30 etc... for lactic threshold. A 5k balls out won't hurt.

If I was to do sprints for bleep test or practice the bleep test. I would just do the test.

Hills wise they are usually incorporated into the runs. Wouldnt hurt to do a couple at the end of a tempo or x2 reps of any hill you come across.

Wouldn't go far wrong running 3 or 4 times doing
Tempo 5-10k
2k and or bleep
Intervalls 400 -800m (2k warm up) or fintan
Steady pace 10k +


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Jan 19, 2021
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The Fintan Circuit is disgusting and a real beast. Definitely try it. I do it with cones 50m apart.

You do 9 exercises in the circuit. Set two cones out 50 meters apart.

You start by doing your first 15 reps of the first exercise, say press ups, then sprint to the cone 50 meters away and back. You then perform 15 reps of the second exercise, say burpees, and sprint to the cone and back. Repeat this for all 9 exercises without pause. After the 9th exercise is completed, you must now do a best effort run.

That's one set. Aim to do at least 3 sets. Honestly mate it’s horrendous but the gains are amazing!